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High Water Bills

If you receive a water bill that in your opinion is unusually high, it may indicate that your service line has a leak. Even a very small leak can waste enough water for you to notice the increase on your bill. If you do not have a leak and the bill seems high, did you use more water outside?

Did you go on vacation and leave someone else in charge of watering your lawn?

Did you recently add an underground sprinkling system?

If you have an underground sprinkling system, could there be a broken head?

Did you use more water inside?

Did you do additional laundry before taking a vacation or after returning from one?

Did you have extra company staying with you during the month?

Conserving Water

Water is perhaps the most taken‑for‑granted resource available to us. Local supplies, though plentiful, have over time gradually declined. Here are a few ways to help conserve our dwindling supplies:

Install low‑flow shower and faucet control devices.

Install low‑flow toilets.

Repair any objects that leak inside or outside (faucets, toilet tanks, etc.)

Keep a container of cold drinking water in the refrigerator.

Use your washer and/or dishwasher only with full loads.

Water your lawn during cooler parts of the day so that more water soaks in and less evaporates.


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